Nano-Tech vs. Thunder Power

21 December 2011

Here is an interesting new episode of Flite Test that compares Nano-Tech lipos with Thunder Power. I have flown both and have yet to have either battery go bad on me.

Let me know what you think of either brand of battery or comments on this test.

  • After a long  spring and summer testing  Nanotech/Thunderpower/GensAce batteries in like for like tests – we noticed that NanoTechs and ThunderPower cells seem to dwindle after 45 charges, not a huge loss but enough to notice battery sag, they also have swelled a little over this time even though used well under the stated discharge rating.
    We added GensAce cells to this test after a recommendation from a good friend. These seem to fair better, no noticeable sag in power after the same amount of charge cycles and the cells are exactly the same shape – no swelling at all. 
    Our batteries get treated well, we just can’t afford to keep replacing them, they are always discharged respecting the 80% rule. They are never charged at more than 1C and always charged to a storage voltage so not sitting around fully charged.