Beginner Quadcopter Kit Buying Guide

6 December 2012

I frequently get asked how much it costs to build a quadcopter or other multi-rotor helicopter. I usually try to add together a number real quick based on equipment I own. Which could come close to $1000. I decided to look closer at the real cost for a basic complete setup to get started flying (if you own zero RC gear).

Below is a buying guide that includes everything needed to put a quadcopter in the air. Best news, it is less than $275 before shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: I picked these items based on their low cost yet good reviews. Some of these items I have personally used and some I have not. This is what I recommend for someone who wants to get started and will likely crash a lot along the way. There are “Ready to Fly” (RTF) quadcopters available but these can have proprietary parts. My list provides a setup that makes it easy to interchange parts for common RC hobby stock. I also apologize if I recommend something that is out of stock when you read this.

UPDATE: 02-23-2014 HobbyKing now sells a very similar ready-to-fly kit, just add batteries and a charger.

The Frame – $14

Hobbyking X525 V3 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame
This frame is based on a tried and true frame design for multirotors. Aluminum square tube arms and fiberglass center plates. This frame also folds, making it easier to transport and store. Because beginners usually crash a lot, it is important that replacement parts are cheap. The aluminum arms are typically what will be damaged in a crash. Be sure to buy extras!

Purchase the frame at HobbyKing.com »
Purchase replacement parts at HobbyKing.com »

Frame option #2 -$8

Q450 FrameSince writing this post, it has been pointed out that the above frame might be a bit heavy for the motors/props I am about to suggest. Another lighter, smaller, cheaper option is the Q450 frame from Hobbyking. I have tried similar DJI flamewheel clone frames. The only downside is the arms have some flex to them and can break from rough landings. Hobbyking doesn’t seem to stock replacement arms, perhaps buy a 2nd frame if you need spares.

Purchase the frame at HobbyKing.com »

The Motors – $57


I recently put these motors on a small H-Quad and I highly recommend them. Great build quality and smooth flights. As detailed below, they should be paired with a 20 amp speed controller and 8″ propeller. Remember to get 4 motors!

Purchase the motors at HiModel.com »

The Speed Controllers (ESCs) – $40

Turnigy Multistar 20 Amp Multi-rotor Brushless ESCTurnigy Multistar 20 Amp Multi-rotor Brushless ESC

Until recently, affordable speed controllers designed specifically for multi-rotor helicopters have not existed. Previously we all used ESCs designed for standard helicopters and planes. Hobbyking has created the multistar speed controller designed specifically for the needs of a multi-rotor setup. These controllers can also be reflashed with the SimonK firmware. See my tutorial on how to do that. You will need a speed controller for each motor.

Purchase the speed controllers at HobbyKing.com »

The Propellers – $3

8×4″ Slowfly Props 2x Standard Rotation / 2x Reverse (pusher) Rotation

This set includes 2 props for clockwise and 2 for counter-clockwise rotation. Even though this is the minimum number of props needed to get flying, buy extras. These will break during crashes as well!

Purchase the propellers at HobbyKing.com »

The Battery & Charger – $23

ZIPPY Flightmax 1800mAh 3-Cell 20C

I have used Zippy batteries in the past and they offer good bang for the buck. Get extras if you don’t want to recharge between every flight! For a little more punch and faster charging, I would recommend the Turnigy Nano-Tech.

Turnigy 2-3S Balance Charger. Direct 110/240v Input

I have not tried this charger myself. There are more expensive and higher power (faster charge times) chargers on the market. This charger has good reviews and for a small battery like I am recommending above it should be adequate for a beginner. I should warn that with any lithium battery or charger, there is a risk of fire from damaged cells, improper charge/discharge or a faulty charger. I would recommend also getting a fire-safe charge sack.

Purchase the battery at HobbyKing.com »
Purchase the charger at HobbyKing.com »

The Radio System – $71

OrangeRx T-SIX 2.4GHz DSM2 6CH Transmitter (Mode 2)

I have not used this transmitter as it just came onto the market. The transmitter uses DSM2 communication also used in Spektrum & JR radio systems. I have used my Spektrum DX8 transmitter with lots of OrangeRX receivers and have has zero issues.

28554OrangeRx R615 Spektrum DSM2 6Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver

As I mentioned above, I have used several of these on my builds without a problem. Small, lightweight and inexpensive. This will connect to your flight controller and receive all the control movements from your transmitter.

Purchase the transmitter at HobbyKing.com »
Purchase the receiver at HobbyKing.com »

HobbyKing KK2.0The Flight Controller – $30

HobbyKing KK2.0 Flight Controller

This controller requires zero programming via computer. All setup is done through the 4 buttons and LCD screen on-board. A very good value and stable flight controller.

Purchase the flight controller at HobbyKing.com »

Option #2 – OpenPilot CopterControl CC3D Flight Controller

I personally fly the OpenPilot CC3D on most of my copters. If you are looking for something a bit more advanced while still easy to setup with a computer, check this one out.

Purchase the flight controller at GetFPV.com (USA) »
Purchase the flight controller at DroTek.fr (Europe) »

10cm-servoleadsOther Bits – $17

10cm Male to Male Servo Leads

If using the KK2.0 controller, you will need some of these male to male servo extensions to connect each channel of your radio’s receiver to your flight controller. The OpenPilot boards will come with a wiring harness for connecting your radio to the flight controller.

On-Board Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm 2s~3s

Unlike traditional batteries, lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries can’t be fully discharged without damaging the cells. When the voltage reaches about 3.3 volts per cell, it is time to stop using the battery. This handy little alarm will let you know when you are low on juice. I have used these on all my builds. A must have!

Turnigy Battery Strap

Sure it is just a velcro strap. But you are going to need it to secure your battery to the bottom of your quadcopter. I also use these straps on most of my copters. Another must have. You may also want to purchase some velcro that has adhesive on the back sides. Put a square on one side of your battery and the reverse on the bottom of the quad frame. This will ensure your battery doesn’t slide around.

OpenPilot Mounting Adapter

OpenPilot CC3D Adapter PlateMost flight controllers have a mounting hole spacing of 45mm, which was made standard by Mikrokopter. The Openpilot boards all have a unique, smaller mounting footprint of 30.5mm. Most frames come ready to fit the non-openpilot sized flight controllers. You will need one of these adapter plates to mount the flight controller. Unless, you feel adventurous and want to drill holes in your frame.

XT60 to Multistar ESC Power Breakout Cable

Lastly, you will need this pre-made wiring harness to connect all of your speed controllers to the battery.

multistar power ESC harnessPurchase the Servo leads at HobbyKing.com »
Purchase the LiPo alarm at HobbyKing.com »
Purchase the battery strap at HobbyKing.com »
Purchase the mounting adapter at Shapeways.com »
Purchase the wiring harness at HobbyKing.com »

Final Notes

Please keep in mind this is a buying guide and not a build tutorial. If you have zero experience on how a multi-rotor helicopter is setup or operates, please do some research on the web. There are many resources and communities that can assist in your build and learning to fly.

Resources specific to this build:
OpenPilot Wiki, OpenPilot Forums

Other communities:
RCgroups Forums, Multi Rotor Forums

  • Mr Ab Cd

    good try! however for 8inch props, 3S <10A ESC, i would recomend a slightly smaller frame . . . .

    • Mr. Ab Cd

       E.G. the Q450 from HobbyKing.

      The additional benefit is that it coloured, meaning that it is easier for orientation. The plastic arms break and do not bend, but it is easy to glue them together with superglue. Recomended by Mr. Ab Cd. . . .

    • I am not sure I agree. I have tried the DJI style frames and found them not rigid enough. Yes, they also crack or break easy in a crash. The HK site recommends using only 8-9″ props on the X525 and this is also what others are using with the frame. 

      The smaller props and wide wheelbase will make this quad less aerobatic which is perfect for a beginner. I used smaller props and a wide frame on one of my first quads and it was perfect for me to learn on. I then shortened the arms to learn flips and fast maneuvers.

      • Adam

        So I asked this before but it didn’t go through – did you shorten the arms on this frame, or did you buy something different?

        • The frame I was talking about was my first quad and was from quadframe.com. I shortened those arms after a few months.

  • Petrdel

    Will I be able to mount a GoPro on this?

    • Not really. I am sure you could figure out a way to do so but I didn’t intend for this build to enable aerial video or FPV. There are other frames better suited for this. Like my Turnigy Talon Tricopter build: http://www.hovership.com/2012/11/06/turnigy-talon-tricopter-cc3d/

  • Thank you for the excellent post. This is exactly what I was looking for to get started with a quadcopter. Can you tell me the difference between using the 1800mAh battery versus the 2200mAh? Only reason I ask is that the 2200 is cheaper.

    • Weight mostly. Too heavy of a battery will result in shorter flight times. The 2200 will probably work fine.

  • Eric Coffman

    Thanks for this. I am wondering, though, is there no store in the US where these items can be bought? I have been googling like mad trying to find a store in the USA where they can be bought. 

    • Sorry, not these specific items. You can find similar products from US sellers but it most likely won’t be at the same prices. You can check out RCdude.com – GetFPV.com – SkullCopter.com – hauntnet.com/frankenquad/

  • Does this quad have enought lift for a GoPro? If not what do i need to change to get enought?

    • Yes, it should lift it fine. I have put a gopro on smaller quads. The added weight will just give you a shorter flight time.

  • dan

    Hi there, this is a really interesting guide. I am looking to build a cheap yet expandable quad for filming ski movies via GoPro (and possibly using my SLR down the line) and this looks like a great start.

    I am looking for a stable quad, nothing too powerful and definitely not looking to do backflips or anything (at least, not yet:). I am focused on keeping the camera steady.

    I was thinking of getting wooden props, I read somewhere that getting wooden props and balancing them on a Phantom is a big help in stability. Is the wooden prop important or can I balance a plastic prop just as well?

    Batteries are slightly confusing; I raced R/C offroad but that was back in the days of NiCad’s and NiMH… LiPo numbers are all greek to me. I understand the C rating and how it applies so I am looking at a Turnigy 2200mAh 2S 25C, but for a few bucks and about 45grams more I can get the 5000mAh 2S 25C. Can you give me an approximate idea of what kind of flight times I could expect with these batteries?

    Sorry for so many questions, thanks in advance!

    • dan

      After a bit of searching I realised that the 2S and 3S batteries have different voltages… does the quad copter gear run on 3S/11.1v?

      • The copter can technically run on any voltage but you need to check what the motor and esc specify is the max voltage. Also, too big of a prop will draw too many amps and burn the esc or motor.

        If you are new to flying I would start with something like the above list. You could easily strap a gopro to it but I wouldn’t expect to carry an SLR with it. You will want to look at building something much bigger. Keep it simple at first as we all crash a lot while we are learning.

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  • Johnny5

    Nice guide, thanks. I have some questions about batteries, motors, cameras, and overall copter performance and flight times. Has anyone built this quadcopter yet? What kind of flight times do you get?

    I’m looking at getting a 2200mAh (25C, 50C burst) nano-tech battery and getting 1740kV Aeordrive motors. I’m wondering what the change to the copter’s overall speed and flight time will be like (I have also up’d the max amp rating of the ESCs to compensate).

    Finally, like others here, I am interested in the potential of mounting a small GoPro or like camera in future. Judging from other comments it looks like just a GoPro is possible but FPV would be taking the platform too far?

    Thanks again for the guide, I’m an electrical engineering student (nearly graduated) and this would be my first quadcopter (or any RC toy that didn’t come pre-assembled).

    • Higher Kv motors can make the copter much more responsive. Adding a gopro will give you shorter flight times. This setup overall isn’t ideal for adding the weight of FPV gear + gopro. I might make another guide for FPV-related copters in the future.

      • Johnny5

        I just purchased my parts and paid $263 altogether, thanks again for the guide : )

        • jack

          is that with postage

  • Karl

    Thanks heaps for this guide mate, I am pretty much following it to a tee except I am going to use a KK2 and have opted for a Q450 frame from HK.
    What are our thoughts on this?
    This is my first ever build and my only other quad is the T380. I have only been flying it for about a week but am so excited to start learning to build them!
    Cheers, KARL

    • Adam

      So, I followed his advice, almost to a tee, except going for the Multiwii Pro. I have one serious issue and a few smaller ones. The serious one is hobby king really really sucks. I bought the frame from them, and they left out four spacers, all of which would probably cost them $.25 US. They are fighting me and making it so difficult to get replacements that I’m about to give up. I will also never shop with them again. Their support is basically designed to frustrate you into leaving them alone. My friend was into them for $2000 US, and they are jerking him around in the same way.

      Secondly – this isn’t a no solder kit he’s put together. The ESCs have 2mm bullets on them, the harness 3.5, and the motors 3.5. Which means you’re going to have to cut and solder somewhere.

      Other than that, it seems solid. My quad flies (mostly) but I”m having some multiwii software issues which are obviously unrelated. I should have gone with his openpilot rec, that board seems solid.

      • Sorry about the connector issue. Didn’t realize the ESCs had smaller ones.

        • Adam

          No worries, it gave me a chance to do some soldering. I’d say, include some 3.5 mm bullets in this list so folks can remedy that. I ran my motor wires through the aluminum bars, and hid the escs between the carbon fiber plates. It’s a very clean look. I need a nice dome now…

      • Ken

        I bought this list too and about done putting mine together. I also only had 4 spacers and just used them at the bottom of the landing gear. I noticed in one of the pictures in the instructions that a spacer was not used at the top of the gear, so I just used a screw and locknut as in the pic. They would not send me new spacers either, not impressed with their support after the fact. I bought 2/3.5mm adapters on the connections and didn’t have to solder. Multiwii Pro for me as well, got code loaded and ready to test receiver inputs, but my Tx is bad. It’s been over 24hrs with no response from HK yet. Again, not impressed, but that’s what you have to expect for those prices. I ordered another tx/rx last night from another source.

        Thanks to Steve for this article, got me going in the right direction.

        • Adam

          Yeah, agreed. I’m starting to twitter shame them about how their support is terrible. If you look on the site for this frame, you see how many people complain about the lack of spacers. To be unwilling to replace something so cheap makes me leery of ever giving them my money again.

    • That frame is lighter but the plastic arms can break easy. Though they are really cheap to replace.

      • karl

        Thanks for the info everyone, shame bout HKs service.
        I already have a DEVO 7 tx, would it be okay to use with this setup?

  • Adam

    Can I ask a really dumb question about this setup? I have my 4 channels, Throttle, PItch, roll and yaw – I’ve also configured ‘gear’ so I can use that for auto-level. THere’s also AUX on the receiver, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to trigger it. I’ve gone through the manual, but I’m totally new to this, and it didn’t really help. If anyone can give me a clue, I’d appreciate it.

    • Usually you have to setup the tx to use that channel with the switch. You can assign any switch to any channel. I am not seeing that in the manual though. I don’t have one of these radios to fiddle with.

      • Adam

        So basically one of the other switches, like “TH Hold” to this somewhere in the transmitter.

  • BjornL

    I’ve built this quad and it is good for beginner. I used the X525 frame and it isn’t too heavy. Of course shaving off weight will probably make it faster, but this is plenty sturdy and fast. Already flew it into a tree and it is fine. Maybe adding a way to mark what is front and back would be good. (like different color props)

    • Good to hear. The important thing for everyone considering this build is that I designed the setup to be slow and a bit under-powered on purpose.

      If this is your first RC aircraft, you dont want it to make fast movements that you don’t have the reflexes for. Build this, crash and learn to fly. Then step up to something stronger and capable of FPV flights.

      Also, for marking front and back, prop colors help, LED strips or my favorite is neon adhesive trim usually used on RC planes. The stuff comes in rolls and you can wrap the ends of you copter arms with some of it: http://www.amazon.com/Top-Flite-Monokote-Trim-Yellow/dp/B0015VQAW0

      • BjornL

        Thanks for the tip! Oh and ofc thanks for the great build! It is a great basis from which to learn and expand at some point.

        Oh btw, you should probably switch the receiver as they don’t have it in Hobbyking anymore?

        • Thanks for letting me know about the Rx, I updated the post to use the R615. This seems to be the replacement model.

  • Rcben

    Hi, I am relatively new to the hobby and am looking at building this quad. I just wanted to ask what other motors can I use that got some more power and that could allow me to mount the RC Timer Brushless Gimbal with my Gopro and have no problem. Also what esc’s would I need to get to accommodate the motors?

    • You can use something like these with a 4S battery and 10″ props: http://rctimer.com/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=858&productname=

      • Rcben

        I want to ditch the idea of the Gimbal but i wanted to know if i could use those motors on the original frame. If so i wanted to know what type of props you recommend if shooting video with go pro mounted….. What brand and witch battery do you recomend?

        • I would use APC or Gemfan Carbon-filled. Balancing the props is key to removing vibration from your video.

  • Deepu

    I am Writing from Kuwait. $300 is approximately 100 KD here. I want to make this for my Science Exhibition in school. I find it very difficult to make this RC Quadraptor. Please give me the idea of another project which can be done very easily. I want to make it myself.

  • karl

    Will 9×5″ props work with those motors?

    • Not sure, most seem to run 8″. It would be worth a try, do some quick flights and feel if the motors and ESCs are getting too hot.

  • Ian

    I am thinking about buying this part list as my very first quadcopter or RC vehicle. I have very little experience, and i would like to know what the flight time at full throttle would be for this setup. would i want to consider buying a larger battery? I am not too concerned with the speed and maneuverability of the copter (i just want to learn how to build and fly a quadcopter), i want it to still be able to be aloft for at least 10 or 15 minutes. should i buy multiple batteries instead? Thanks-Ian

    • ian

      Another question. The potentially control board is expensive and hard to find. With almost no programming experience, would it still be possible for me to buy a $40 control board and set it up easily? Like the MAC MultiWii WE? Also, with the open pilot control board do you need a laptop in use while the quadcopter is in flight?

      • Artanis

        There is already KK2.0 board – it includes a LOT more features than original KK, and it costs 30$ in hobbyking. It’s best possible bargin for 50 or less bucks!

        • ian

          Thanks Artanis I think I am going to get the KK2.0 board. it is so cheaper and sounds easier to set up and use. and you don’t need to use a computer to set it up!

          • I have recently helped a friend setup some copters with the KK2 and I would definitely recommend it now. Very easy to set up and good flight performance.

  • Artanis

    Firstly – good article for beginners. But there are few things to mention –

    1) Best available flight controller for less than 50$ is KK2.0 (available from hobbyking, costs 29$). It has loads of features (hi-res LCD for configuration, good sensors and even camera gimbal control built in).

    2) Lot better option for transmitter/receiver ir Turnigy 9XR + FrSky receiver. This remonte costs only 30$, and have Atmel processor-based computer inside, and can be loaded with custom firmwares (ER9X, for example), which places it on one shelf with 500$+ priced remotes. FrSky transmitter+module kit costs 40$, but it have longer range and better quality than this orange.

    • I haven’t tried the Turnigy/FrSky combo yet but have been very interested in it.

      I will probably update this post with the KK2 as an option now that I have helped a friend set it up on a couple of his copters. Was quite simple to work with and flew well.

    • Magnolilafan

      Where can you get this remote for $30?? I am only seeing it for $50+

  • ian

    In the reviews for the X525 V3 frame many people complain about not getting all 8 aluminum spacers. i am wondering if i should get the spare hardware set from HK and pay $4.00 extra, or should i just not worry about it?

    • Might as well get them to be safe

      • ian

        OK thanks

      • ian

        Thanks again for the tips. My plan is to learn on this quad, then buy the Q450 or SK450 for faster and more aerobatic flights. I will just transfer all of the current hardware from this quad to the new one (with a lighter battery) to save money. Eventually I will probably mount a GoPro or another camera to the second frame for FPV.

  • David

    Hi Steve,

    I should say this was a very, very useful post.
    I’m about to order a slightly modified version of the complete setup you suggested but wonder what can I use for motors instead of the SK3 2822-1090 since they’re out of stock.
    They have some SK3 2822-1740 available but seems that the speed controllers won’t be able to cope with them, then the battery you suggest might not be a proper choice anymore…
    Any suggestions?

  • Ian

    For all of this Hobby King charges about $70 for international shipping! try to find the items in their warehouse that is closest to you for low shipping rates.

  • AM

    Hi I’m building my own quadcopter at the moment and I was wondering will the 1800mah 3cell 20c battery be compatible with the motors specified on your list

  • Ian

    I would rather use the motors previously listed, because they are less expensive (I am on a tight budget) and require only a 10A speed controller. Also, because of the small amount of energy used, you should get longer flight times. I would suggest have both on your listing of parts.

    • Ian

      They are the Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 2822-1090Kv motors.

      • I took them off because I was recommending the multistar ESC to go with them and a solderless setup. However the multistars use 2mm bullets while almost all motors come with 3.5mm bullets.

        • Ian

          Yes, I saw that. I have instead decided to use the 15A Multistar ESCs with the first motors (those have 3.5mm bullets). I also don’t have a soldering iron yet so this is going to have to be plug-and-play for me.

          • Ian

            This is just a suggestion, but I think you should also add the male to male servo leads needed to connect the receiver to the flight controller.

  • Ian

    Does it matter whether I buy the mode 1 or mode 2 transmitter? I know the mode 2 has the throttle on the left stick and mode 1 has it on the right, but does it change how you fly the quadcopter?

    • Doesn’t change anything, just preference I guess. I fly mode 2 and just about everyone I have met does as well. I’d imagine once you learn one way it would be hard to use the other version

      • Ian

        OK thanks. I’ll probably just fly mode 2.

        • John

          BTW, the modes are just what controls go where. for example, Throttle channel 1, Ail, channel 2, ele channel 3 and rudder channel 4.

          To simply change a flight mode, (say you dont like rudder on channel 4) you can switch the rudder input on the flight board, with another channel.

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  • Chaos 600

    Great Write Up. Very Helpful. Can I get your opinion? Currently, I fly a Chaos 600 Helicopter (TREX 600 Clone) as well as a FHH 500 and (2) 450 class helis. I’ve been flying for about 3 years.

    I’ve been thinking about building a quadcopter, and recently spoke to and got to “play around with” a DJI F450. After flying heli’s I was amazed when the guy just put it up in the air and left it there hovering for a minute or so while he was tuning his transmitter and talking to people. (Pretty cool considering that, If I take my eyes off of my 600 for 4 seconds, it could be in Canada!).

    The thing I didn’t car for with the DJI was: 1. Proprietary Transmitter / receiver and the size is a bit smaller than what I would want to build.

    My question. Even though I’d be new to a Quadcopter, I’m not exactly new to flying / helis. What would you recommend as far as a kit that is a bit larger than this 450’ish size? I’ve seen some kits in the 660mm size etc.

    Any tips you can pass my way.

    Basically, I don’t want to build a “beginner” Quad (this one looks like a great 1st build though). I’d like to build something a little more “intermediate” / larger size, for a “Normal / average budget”. Not looking to “cheap out” but don’t want to spend “thousands” either. I’d mostly likely use my Turnigy 9x / Flysky with it.

  • wova

    I just build my first quadcopter using most of the parts you suggested before you updated the page. I went with a different transmitter/receiver config (9XR+frsky) and I chose the CC3D controller. This thing runs great. I have never flown an RC aircraft in my life but after the build I got it up and running within 2 hours. So far no crashes. Thanks for the list!

    • Awesome, great to hear!

  • Jackster

    After building will there be any space left to fit a camera and will it be able to fly with the extra weight??

  • Nparker1

    Great list! This is almost exactly what I am wanting to build. I know you have mentioned that it will cary a Gopro which is what I want. However are there any modifications as far as motors, frame, or battery that you would recommend if I am wanting to always fly with a GoPro and I am a beginner? Thanks!

    • Nparker1

      I have decided to go with the sk450 frame with the dead cat converson. What size motors, propellers, and ESC’s do I need for best lift/flight times?

  • Ian

    I used many of the parts on this list to build an SK450 quadcopter with the new KK2.1! (the onler KK2 is now out of production). It flies great, thanks for the list!

  • Drake

    Do you have any cheap(isn) suggestions for altitude stabilizers?

  • matt

    I am very inexperienced in building quad copters so these may be stupid questions but where are the build instructions for this copter and if I don’t get the openpilot flight controller do I need the openpilot mounting adapter.

    • Joshua Shih

      Hello, this was just parts and he spesificly said that if you want to build this you would have to lookup yourself how to build a quad copter and just use the parts listed here.

  • Nithin Vijayan

    The kk2.1 which you have proposed is not available in the hobbyking store,and the other one which you have proposed is quite expensive.So can you suggest a new control board which is below 35$

      • Nithin Vijayan

        Thank you so much for your info.i have some doubts. does the Flip32 have the same config of that of the kk2.1?Do i need to program it after the purchase?I’m going to build a quad with x550 frame(x).

        • The flip runs multiwii code which has been around for a few years and has a large community using it. I used to use it a lot.

          When you purchase, you can select which copter (sounds like you are using quad x mode) firmware to have loaded. You should be able to just connect your radio and speed controllers and be ready to fly.

          If you want to tune it or change any other parameter, yes you will need to connect over USB and use their app to configure it.

  • Mason

    This post has been very helpful to me. Will a 34A Max current motor, a 40A speed controller, and a 3 cell battery work? Or do I need a 4 cell?

  • edward

    hello I want to know if I can use my Spektrum Dx5e and my AR500 receiver instead ?

    • Of course

    • Tyler

      Edward did you run your quadcopter on the Spektrum Dx5e and AR500? We are having trouble keeping power to the receiver to have it bound, and programming the KK2 board.

  • Chris

    When building your own copter, how do you determine the the required power or motors needed, since you may not know the total weight of the copter in advance? Especially when you may want to add a camera rig at a later date?

  • Noam

    Will i be able to cary a gopro with this? in other wirds fly fpv?

  • DerekJ

    The recommended motors are backordered on HiModel. Is there another motor that you would recommend that possibly will give more peppy performance and possibly from a US-based supplier? Thanks.

  • pradeep

    how to make it with these things



  • Smail Debdabi

    I want to realize a quadrucopter , I want to make the CC3D flight controller for myself and don’t buy one . for get an experience to use the software as Eagle or Proteus so I need PDB of this board please

  • Yilan Yusuf

    What do I need to build a multi copter that can give me 20-25 feet lift, 180 degree pan and tilt, the cheapest radio control with LCD monitor.

  • valkirij

    Where gps set naza?! Its better!