Shielding a GoPro’s EMI / RF Noise

26 March 2013

I have seen lots of talk about the noise that a GoPro produces and it’s potential effects on UHF radios. I didn’t think much of it until I got a RangeLink LRS recently and also had a crash on my tri that might have been related to a loss of signal.

A post on FPVLab has discussed how others have measured the noise from a GoPro and how it can be drastically reduced by shielding the camera with copper foil. While this is cool, I don’t want to cover my cameras more or less permanently with copper foil.

This is the solution I have come up with. I created paper templates for the Hero1/2/3 cameras. I print the template, cut it out, cut the features I want access to and then trace it onto the copper foil. I stuck the copper foil onto freezer paper which has a glossy side. I kept the glossy side opposite of the foil. This way when I cover my GoPro with the shield, I can use a bit of tape to keep it all held together and the tape will come off without tearing the paper.

I haven’t tested the before and after yet but might be purchasing the RFexplorer so I can measure the noise. Others have noted that in addition to the copper shield, a ground wire should be soldered somewhere on the shield.

Template for Hero1+2 »
Template for Hero3 »
The copper foil I used »

GoPro EMI RF Shield

GoPro EMI RF Shield

GoPro EMI RF Shield

  • nanorapture

    Thanks for the great templates. I will be using this on my new Hero3.
    And thanks for your continued support efforts over at OpenPilot.

  • Ads1212

    Thanks so much. When you say freezer paper, is that what I know as grease proof paper…. And that becomes the outer material?

  • Dan

    Thanks for the template!
    What’s the name of the lense protection you are using? Looks solid!

    • Layerlens from wwwgetfpv.com

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  • Robert Millwood

    Thank you heaps for the template, When I couldn’t fly my 350QX due to gopro hero 3 interference I was feeling pretty down. I used your template with about 12 layers of aluminum foil and it works great, doesn’t fit inside the waterproof case, but it does fit in my 350gx’s mount. Cheers from Adelaide Australia 😉

  • captirwin

    Thanks for the templates.
    Exactly what I needed.
    Great job !!!

  • Gary

    How do I print out the template?

  • Mac

    Great Idea with the template!
    Will this also fit the 3+ ?

  • johnboy221

    Its been over 6 months since you developed the copper shielding for the GoPro. Can you provide an update on its success or failure

  • Zach Jester

    I made an aluminum foil shield that covered the back and sides of the gopro, leaving the front open. The quadcopter functioned perfectly fine, and the wifi from the camera still worked (barely). This was mounted on the front of my quad, so if yours is mounted on the bottom it might work differently. However, for a hovership quad, it should work fine.

  • Joel Marshall Lynch

    Would this also work to sheild the camera from interferance??? My motorcycles ignition is causungvthe images to distort

  • Thierry DR

    Can you please re upload gopro template please ?