3D Printable Folding Micro FPV H-Quadcopter

7 February 2014

3D Printable Folding Micro FPV H-Quadcopter Frame

I have been designing a lot of things for almost a year now. It started out as designing custom parts for my own builds but I am now working on things that I will share or sell. Here is the first creation that I am ready to show off.

About 2 months ago I got a 3D printer, the MakerGear M2. Before that I was spending a lot of money to have Shapeways print all my little parts. It has been amazing to have my own (reliable) printer that I can draw up designs and immediately start making them into physical parts. Even better, I can keep refining designs at very little cost.

Micro H-Quad frames have become very popular lately for FPV flights. Years ago I built similar sized (5″ prop) quads and didn’t have very good luck with them. At the time the motors and props available for multi-rotors of this size were hard to find. The motors most used were very cheap and had poor bearings, were unbalanced and thus created lots of vibrations.

Fast forward to today there are about 5 motors that pilots are building their micro quads with:

So why print my own frame? Most of the micro FPV quad frames out there cost about $100+. This size of a copter lends itself to being perfect for a fully printable frame. Also, using this software, I calculated that printing all the parts for my designs costs just under $4 in filament!


So here it is, designed to fold up (without tools) for compact storage & transportation, integrated vibration dampening, loads of mounting options for a Mobius or GoPro camera, electronics and so on. Frame weight = just 116 grams! I just assembled this first prototype last night and have done some short test flights. Waiting for the rain to subside so I can tune the flight controller and do more test flights. Initial impressions are jello-free video footage and everything is fitting together great.

  • jf

    Looks sexy in green, and $4 in materials is hard to beat! Any estimate of a total build cost?

    • http://hovership.com Steve

      Thanks! If you already have a radio & charger, about $200. If this is your first RC aircraft than closer to $275.

  • Rolo

    Can’t wait for STL files!

  • tru168

    I’m printing it now ! Thanks for the compact design ! My base plate turn out bad , I forgot to use support for the holes, and 2 perimeter , 2 layer top/ bottom solid layer . Should me 3 perimeter and 3 Solid layer I think ?? Can’t wait to see your flight video . Thanks ,

  • Gyoti Juin

    Looks clean! Can’t wait for the download!

  • yaktork

    Someone sell this quad?
    thank you

    • http://hovership.com Steve

      I will be soon

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  • dirtyharry

    Really like it , excellent work .

  • Jose Xavier

    Do you think it will work with PLA? What are the settings you are using?

    • http://hovership.com Steve

      I haven’t printed it in PLA but others have. It will probably just be a bit more fragile in a crash. I use a 0.5mm nozzle with about 0.3mm layer height. You can see my recommended infill settings on the thingverse page.

  • Curt

    I know absolutely nothing about building drones but would like to start with this. Where can I buy the necessary equipment to build on this frame?

  • http://www.newaya.com/ Brennan Zelener

    Steve, what kind of flight times are you getting with the MHQ right now?

  • Kevin Nicolle

    Will this be able to generate enough lift to fly with a gopro attached(roughly 7 oz.)? Instead of the suggested camera (roughly 2 oz.)?

3D Printable Folding Micro FPV H-Quadcopter Frame
3D Printable Folding Micro FPV H-Quadcopter Frame
3D Printable Folding Micro FPV H-Quadcopter Frame
3D Printable Folding Micro FPV H-Quadcopter Frame
3D Printable Folding Micro FPV H-Quadcopter Frame
3D Printable Folding Micro FPV H-Quadcopter Frame