First FPV with the 3D Printed Micro H-Quad

8 March 2014

I finally got to get out and FPV the 3D printed foldable micro H-quad frame. I was on vacation, then it rained for over a week then I had to wait for spare props to arrive in the mail. No more excuses and now I am flying.

Overall the frame has been performing very well. I have had some crashes with it and all the printed parts are holding up. I have made some design changes since I originally posted about it here. You can read about those on Thingiverse. The flight controller needs a little bit more tuning. Still getting the occasional wobble.

I am currently waiting for some of the last parts to arrive and then I will be selling some kits of this frame. Soon!


Current setup:

  • Sunnysky X2204S motors
  • 12a SimonK ESCs
  • 5×3 Gemfan props
  • 200mw 1.3ghz video tx
  • OpenLRS 433 radio
  • Tau Labs Sparky flight controller
  • Zippy Compact 1500mAh batteries

  • Retroactiv

    Is that a second camera tucked under the Mobius? I’m considering building this for my first FPV quad and having two would seal the deal.

    Thanks! Keep up the amazing work!

      • Retroactiv

        Thanks! Where did you mount it exactly?

        • Anywhere on the underside of the top plate. I use a little bit of foam tape and a ziptie to hold it in place.

          • Calvin Hill

            Is that what is actually used with the FPV goggles?

          • I have done FPV with this frame using the live out of the GoPro and using the pico camera.

          • Calvin Hill

            Thanks Steve! I am new to all this and researching building my own quadcopter. Your site has been great!

  • Dave

    I just built my frame. Seems a bit flexible IMO. Have you had any issues w tuning and the flex?

    • I think you will see issues when pushing the throttle really hard. It is certainly not a sport frame for fast flips and rolls but for typical line of sight and FPV flights it shouldn’t encounter such heavy forces that any flex will affect stability.

  • alejandra Obando

    this can be used with arduino as a controller?