Ramshackle – FPV with the MHQ

13 July 2014

Found a new secret spot to do some FPV flights on the Hovership MHQ. It’s a great location with lots of obstacles and tight spaces to fly through. I am still working on getting confident flying fast in such environments. Despite crashing several times while performing maneuvers, the MHQ frame held up well. A few broken props and a damaged landing gear were the casualties.

All on-board footage shot with the Replay Mini XD camera. Other gear used:

  • Hovership H2204X 2300kv Motors
  • Hovership H-12A ESCs
  • HQprop 5×4 Glass Composite Propellers
  • Tau Labs Sparky Flight Controller
  • SkyZone TS58500 5.8GHz 500mw Video Transmitter
  • TBS Core OSD
  • FrSky Taranis Transmitter + D4R-II Receiver
  • FatShark Dominator (V1) Goggles with 5.8GHz Receiver
  • 1300-1500mah 3S Lipos (Nano-tech, Zipppy Compact & Rhino)


  • Dan

    What recording camera are you using there?

  • Phil

    what is the flight time about with this little guy?

    • Probably 8-10 minutes depending on flying style

  • Isaac Burnett

    Mines came in the mail today and so ready to fpv it. It went together well great job on it.

    Be Blessed

  • :(

    Nice video!But please don’t use Vimeo! 🙁 It won’t spread as easily, and more people can like and comment on it!