MHQ2: The 3D Printed Mini Quad Frame Now Available

27 October 2014

Last week the MHQ2 frame was made available on the Hovership web store. The redesigned 3D printed MHQ2 folding mini quadcopter frame has arrived! Building on the success of the original MHQ frame, we have improved the functionality, durability and stability of this frame. The MHQ2 frame uses the same arms and hardware from the MHQ with the addition of 4x more 18mm screws and 4x locknuts.

Upgrade kits will soon be available for MHQ v1 owners.

The files to 3D print your own frame are available on this Thingiverse page. Hardware kits will soon be available in our web store.

The above compilation video was shot on a GoPro Hero3 White Edition and flying with a 4s power system (see details below).


  • Redesigned base with greatly reduced torsion for better flight stability.
  • Camera and battery have a lower center of gravity. Both now mount down on the flight control deck.
  • Wider landing gear and slots on the underside of the baseplate for mounting the battery if preferred.
  • Improved landing gear thickness and durability.
  • Mounting holes for SMA extension cables.
  • Integrated GoPro and Mobius mount. Reinforced structure reduces damage in a crash and elevates the GoPro for the use of a USB live-out FPV cable.
  • Support for M3 “bobbin” style vibration dampeners.
  • Now with 35mm spacers to support flight controllers with straight header pins.

Additional guides and setup recommendations will soon be available. Some rough guidelines for picking motors, props and batteries are as follows:

  • Beginner pilots and lightweight FPV with a Mobius or smaller camera: 1804-2204 size 2300kv motors, 3-cell (3s) 1300-1800mAh lipo battery and 5″ propellers
  • Beginner to intermediate pilots and FPV with a GoPro or similar action camera: 2204 size 2300kv motors, 3-cell (3s) 1300mAh lipo battery and 6″ propellers
  • Intermediate to advanced pilots with GoPro or smaller camera: 2204 1960kv motors, 4-cell (4s) 1300mAh lipo battery and 5-6″ propellers.

Hovership MHQ2

Hovership MHQ2

Hovership MHQ2

Hovership MHQ2

Hovership MHQ2

Hovership MHQ2

  • rob

    Looks amazing.
    Keep up the great work, im printing one on my reprap asap.
    Already having a ball with the mhq 2.

  • Joe Harper

    Thank you for your awesome designs. i think this is going to be my next project.

  • Jon Poland

    Anyone have some base PIDS for this for a NAZE32?

  • Kensei

    I have access to using carbon fiber for the frames. Will this work? I am new to drones/quadcopters and this will be a first build just wondering if I could use carbon fiber because i am new and will probably crash alot. i will mostly be using this for airiel photography.

  • W

    why stop updating ?

  • Dhnakajdhd

    Is their a post on how to assemble it??

  • Bryant

    Does someone have access to a parts list for this build? I have printed the frame and no real idea on what parts to get other than the screws and the such.