AltitudeRC Nano 25mW Video Transmitter

The AltitudeRC nano 25mW video transmitter is a simple lightweight solution for FPV on small RC aircraft. It can be used with 1-3 cell batteries and provides filtered output power for a 3.6v capable camera. The nano transmitter uses real airwave modules and are 100% compatible with Fat Shark gear.

WARNING: Transmitters of any kind should never be powered without an antenna properly attached. This will damage the electronics.

Recommended cameras to use with this transmitter (if not using live view from a camera like a GoPro or Mobius):


The nano transmitter includes a JST cable for power input and a 5-wire JST-ZH cable with bare ends for connecting to a camera.

AltitudeRC Nano
AltitudeRC Nano
AltitudeRC Nano

Supply the video transmitter with 1-3S power from your aircraft’s main battery via the red JST connector.

The 5-wire cable will provide 3.6v (filtered) to a camera capable of running off this voltage. This will NOT include any that receive power over USB like a GoPro or mobius, they require 5v to charge. You can still use one of those cameras for live view, but not to charge off the nano vtx.

Red = 3.6v
Black = Ground
Yellow/Orange = Video Signal

The green and white wires are for audio. If you do not need these you can cut them off or use a razor blade to lift the pin on the connecter and pull them out.

Antenna Trimming

The stock antenna is for 2.4GHz WiFi radios. It needs to be trimmed to one of the lengths mentioned on the product packaging for use with 5.8GHz. Use the diagram on the back of the packaging to cut the antenna to size. The antenna is the lighter colored wire at the end.

AltitudeRC Nano Antenna

Optional SMA Antennas

A U.fl IPX to SMA adapter cable can be use to attach other antennas that have an SMA connector. This can increase the range and performance of the video transmitter.

AltitudeRC Nano SMA
AltitudeRC Nano SMA

Channel Selection

Switch # 1 2 3 (4 not used)
Position (1=on, 0=off)
1 1 1 – 5740MHz (CH1)
1 1 0 – 5760MHz (CH2)
1 0 1 – 5780MHz (CH3)
1 0 0 – 5800MHz (CH4)
0 1 1 – 5820MHz (CH5)
0 1 0 – 5840MHz (CH6)
0 0 1 – 5860MHz (CH7)
0 0 0 – 5860MHz (CH7)

AltitudeRC Nano

Additional Info

It is recommended to secure the antenna using a small piece of heat shrink tubing. The board is designed with the antenna connector sitting on a tab for just this purpose. Forum Thread »

Video from AltitudeRC about the Nano video transmitter: