MHQ2: Build Components List

If you are new to building multi-rotors and are not sure what parts are needed to build a complete MHQ2, here is a list to guide your purchases.

The abbreviated list:

  • Frame
  • 4 Motors
  • 4 Speed Controllers (ESCs)
  • Power distribution board and battery lead
  • Propellers (2 CW & 2 CCW, spares recommended)
  • Battery (more than 1 recommended)
  • Charger
  • Flight controller
  • Radio transmitter and receiver
  • Other bits like: straps, zip ties, battery alarm…


  • MHQ2 Frames are available for purchase in the Hovership web store.
  • Alternatively you can print your own and purchase a hardware kit with all the screws and other non-printable frame parts.

3S Power System

If you are a beginner you will want to pick a 3S (3-cell) power system which is a common voltage for mini quads. 4S power is only recommended for experienced pilots that need the extra speed of a higher voltage system.

4S Power System


Depending on the size frame you have purchased or printed you want 5×3 or 5×4 propellers for the standard MHQ2 and 6×3 or 6×4.5 for the MHQ2 XL arms.

You will need 2 clockwise rotation propellers and 2 counter-clockwise to make a complete set. Buy extras! Propellers are usually the first casualty in crashes.


If you plan to carry a Mobius or GoPro camera plus FPV gear, it is recommended to use a 1300mAh size battery to save weight. If you are learning to fly and won’t be carrying any additional payload, you can use a larger battery for longer flight times


There are lots of chargers on the market. Some which can charge multiple batteries at once or can charge at high amps for large batteries. If you are looking for something simple, find a charger that can charge over AC power or AC&DC. This will allow you to charge without purchasing an external power supply.

A few inexpensive AC chargers:

Flight controller

The MHQ2 is designed to fit flight controllers with a 30.5×30.5mm to 45x45mm hole mounting pattern. Common flight controllers that fit this criteria:

  • Naze32 Acro
  • OpenPilot CC3D
  • Tau Labs Sparky
  • KK2.1 and KK2.1 mini
  • Many other MultiWii (MWC) variants
  • APM Mini

No links were included because there are MANY online stores that sell all of these.

Radio Transmitter and Receiver

There are many options here. Other than your charger this is one item you will be re-using if you build multiple RC aircraft. For this reason, you may not want to pick the lowest cost option and instead something with a nice set of features that will grow with your new Hobby.

A few inexpensive options:

Other Random Bits

  • Scorpion small straps or Rapstraps for mounting batteries and cameras
  • Small ~4-inch zip/cable ties
  • M5 lock nuts. Motors typically come with a regular nut or spinner style nut. If you want to be sure your props don’t come loose while flying, use some locknuts!