MHQ Build Guide: Frame Assembly

Included Hardware

Included hardware
NOTE: Any kits ordered after 4/22/2014 now include 4x M3x5mm nylon screws and 12x instead of 16x of the metal versions. This is to prevent any shorts when using a power distribution board that has exposed power leads.

Landing Gear

Attach the landing gear using 4x M3x12mm screws and 4x M3 locknuts.

Vibration Dampeners

Place the dampener at an angle so that 1/2 the dampener is through the hole. Using a blunt tool, push the rest of the flange on the dampener through the hole. Be gentle so you don’t poke any holes in the dampener.


Sometimes the dampener is folded over after insertion. Twist the dampener while using the same blunt tool to flatten out the flange.



The 3D printed parts have a rough and a smooth side. When attaching the arm plates, put the rough side down, touching the arm. Using the M3x18mm screws place them in each hole.


Attach the arm plate to the frame base and secure them with an M3 locknut.


Use the M3x20mm screws, place a metal washer on then a nylon washer. The nylon washer should be under the metal washer, touching the printed parts. Insert this screw with washers into the slot of the arm plate. Add washers and locknut to the underside in the same order. The nlyon washer keeps the arm locked in place while still allowing the screw to slide and fold the arm.


Do not over-tighten these screws on the arms! Slowly tighten them so the arm can fold without too much force. Open and close each arm several times. You can then tighten them more after working them in.


Flight Control Deck

Use 4x M3x5mm nylon screws and the 6mm spacers to create a mount for your flight controller. If you are using a smaller flight controller, leave these screws loose. Use your flight controller to adjust the layout of the spacers. Tighten the screws after you have them lined up.


Use 6x M3x5mm screws to attach the 20mm spacers. Place 3 spacers in opposing corners.


AFTER INSTALLING YOUR ESCs: Place the flight deck on top of the dampeners. Using a blunt tool, push the flange through the hole from the underside. Once you have about 1/2 or 2/3 of the flange through the hole, you can use your fingers to GENTLY pull the rest through.


The remaining M3x5mm screws are used to attach the camera deck once you have setup your electronics on the flight control deck.